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How Sandwich Making is Similar to Physics

a sandwich cut in half on a plate

Mechanics is an amazing field. Mechanical physics, the science of calculating motion and energy and acceleration, is a truly elegant science.

One of our favorite things about mechanics is that much of the work can be boiled down to a (relatively) small number of equations.

There are the classics, of course. Newton’s 2nd law, F=ma. Force equals mass times acceleration. So elegant! So brief, and therefore so witty!

There are the basic laws of acceleration. Acceleration equals the change in velocity, divided by the change in time. Ah! So good.

We’ve heard it said that Mexican food is comparable to the elegance of mechanical physics. You can create an incredible number of combinations, with just a few perfect ingredients used in different configurations. Take beans, meat, cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, tortillas, lettuce, and then configure them in a seemingly endless variety of styles -- not only do you come up with a satisfying range of dishes with different preparation approaches, but the flavor combinations are all delightfully their own.

Here at Simply Grand, both for our café and for our catering company, we make an array of sandwiches. Sandos of all kinds, with lovely variations and combinations.

We aim to make as much out of these ingredients as we can. Elegance! Ingenuity!

Here are some of our favorites.

VEGGIE DELIGHT: bread (wheat), spread (avocado), crunch (cucumbers), cheese (swiss, provolone, and cheddar).

GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB: bread (ciabatta), spread (chipotle mayo), meat (grilled chicken and bacon), cheese (cheddar).

CLUB: bread (white), meat (turkey and ham), cheese (cheddar).

ITALIAN CLUB: bread (Italian roll), spread (roasted pepper mayo), crunch (lettuce), meat (turkey, salami, and bacon), cheese (provolone).

ROAST BEEF: bread (white), spread (horseradish), crunch (lettuce), meat (roast beef), cheese (cheddar).

TAB: bread (ciabatta), spread (smashed avocado), crunch (spinach), meat (turkey and bacon), cheese (provolone).

HAM AND SWISS: bread (rye), meat (ham), cheese (swiss). Elegant! Simple!

SMOKED TURKEY: bread (wheat), meat (smoked turkey), cheese (swiss).

TBR WRAP: bread (flour tortilla), spread (ranch), crunch (shredded lettuce), meat (turkey and bacon), cheese (cheddar jack).

CHICKEN SALAD: bread (wheat), spread (mayonnaise dressing), crunch (pecans and Granny Smith apples), meat (chicken).

TUNA SALAD: bread (wheat), spread (mayonnaise dressing), meat (Albacore tuna).

But wait! We forgot to mention the tomato and lettuce. The grilled chicken club, roast beef, Italian club, and TBR wrap sandwiches all come with beautiful tomato and fresh lettuce as well.

It isn’t quite as streamlined as the basic equations of mechanical physics. What it IS, though, is undeniably delicious. These sandwiches are filling, tremendously flavorful, and crave-satisfying. They go great with all manner of side dishes, too.

OH! SPEAKING OF WHICH! If you order these sandwiches as box lunches -- perfectly for ordering in food at your office, which we highly recommend doing as it brightens everyone’s day -- they come with sides. THREE sides. Three sides live: fruit cup for one, chips for two, and cookie for three. BAM!

So, the next time you find yourself anywhere near downtown Cincinnati, come see us. Whether you are hungry or not, come see us. As you walk in the front door of Simply Grand Café, the aromas will overwhelm you. You will be mesmerized by the scents of a fabulous breakfast or lunch in Cincinnati. You will be drawn to order a nosh, whether or not you intended to. And yes, you will dig into your order and find great satisfaction in the flavor combinations. Our sandwiches and salads are carefully curated. We do this because we care.