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Simply Grand Used to be Joe’s Express

a room filled with furniture and a table in a restaurant

Back in 2000, we went into business in Cincinnati under the name of “Joe’s Express.” The food was great, but the name needed an upgrade. So we became Simply Grand, and the rest is history.

Here are some of the other Joe’s Express businesses we were competing against, but now are not.

Little Joe’s Express in Alameda, California.

They make Chinese food. We do not. Although, either way, you should try our citrus almond salad box lunch.

China Joe’s Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They ALSO make Chinese food. We do not. Their crab Rangoon does look pretty great, though, if you’re in Vegas and in the mood for delivery Chinese food. They do not offer a bruschetta and crostini comparable to ours, though, in all fairness.

Joe’s Grill Express in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It’s a breakfast place in Honolulu, and they do Loco Moco and Joe Moco. Which sound good. Maybe we can trade some of our fantastic Egg Knots Sandwiches for a few orders of Loco Moco, next time they’re in Cincinnati.

Smok’n’ Joe’s Express in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Smok’n’ Joe’s Express is apparently owned by Scott Parsons, who also owns Don’s Express Car Wash. We wish him luck on any and all of his express-related businesses. We also invite him to try our super-delicious bamboo skewers the next time he’s north of the Ohio.

Joe’s Express Car Wash in Orlando, Florida.

Joe washes cars in Florida. We do not. We will say, without hesitation, that if you are in the Greater Orlando Metropolitan Area, and you need a car wash… you should visit Joe’s Express.

All these Joe’s look great – but for the best in breakfast and lunch in downtown Cincinnati (and catering around the Tri-State), you’ll want to visit Simply Grand Café and Catering – located at 301 EAST 4TH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202.